Distribution board in Amsterdam

A distribution board, also known as a fuse box, is an important piece of equipment for the electricity sytstem in your house. Electric current flows into your home into this board, where it’s split into a number of circuits and sent throughout the rest of the house.

Do you need a new distribution board in Amsterdam? Old buildings sometimes have very old distribution boards that need to be replaced. Not only because nowadays we use more electrical appliances, but also because the new ones are much safer. So, for you own safety and for the safety of others: make sure your distribution board is properly installed! Viking Elektra is happy to help you!

Expanding your board

The number of electrical appliances we use are increasing. To make sure they work correctly and to avoid a short circuit, make sure there are enough circuits in your distribution box. Do you want to expand your box? We can add new circuits to the box and/or redistribute the groups.

We have many years of experience working in the world of electricity in Amsterdam. Do you have a problem with your wiring, is your circuit overloaded so that your washing machine isn’t working properly? Call us!